September 27

Taut and Titilliating Thriller


Prachi Sharma and I have spent many an afternoon discussing and dissing crime writing, books and the publishing industry. Being a fellow-crime-writer, avid reader and a coffee addict, she is a person after my own heart. One beautiful memory was when we were stuck in traffic for over two hours and didn’t realise where time flew away as we were discussing the best places in Mumbai to dispose off a dead body. Such is the fun times for crime writers!

Here is a little more about Prachi:

Prachi Sharma is a clinical pharmacist, researcher, aspiring neuroscientist, medical writer and academic editor, as well as a published author of three novels, including The Alphabet Killer, The Dark Side of Innocence, When He Remembered, and several short stories on platforms like Juggernaut, freelance editor and content writer. She has three upcoming books as well. She is currently based in Mumbai.





When Prachi came up with her latest book When He Remembered, I quickly picked up a copy. The blurb of the books says,

‘Kanika Gupta is vacationing in Calangute with her fiance, Rohit Arora, when he suddenly is found dead in his hotel room, under mysterious circumstances And to investigate, along with Calangute Police Chief Fonzi Consuegra, turns up CID Senior Inspector Arjun Rathore, who also happens to be holidaying in Goa. Turns out Arjun is Kanika’s ex-lover, and they parted on not so good terms, nearly a decade ago. Even as something seems to be rekindling between the two lovers, Arjun finds out that Rohit wasn’t who he seemed to be. And that behind his death, lie a bunch of terrifying secrets.’




When He Remembered is a crisply told tale that is extremely gripping in the first half. The style of writing and tone perfectly match the story being narrated. The story oscillates between the point-of-view of Arjun and Kanika and helps us understand both their feelings and emotions. The twists and turns and the unexpected climax would be satisfying and surprising to all thriller-lovers.

While the story is well-told, it would have been a much better reading experience had the publisher taken a little effort to typeset and print the book in a better quality. The cover and font are unimpressive.

Looking forward to more from the writer’s pen.


About the author

Welcome! I write for adults and children. More importantly, I love to write for writers. This is where I share everything I know about this mysterious process of writing.

Archana Sarat

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