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Healthy Living For Writers

A healthy lifestyle is an aspiration for all of us. When it comes to the nitty-gritty of eating healthy or exercising regularly, the aspiration becomes unattainable and remains a dream. I have always been blessed with a plump figure, iron stomach, good metabolism and a healthy constitution. So, I’ve never cared much about what I eat or how much I exercise. However, things slowly started changing in the last couple of years.

Healthy Eating

After borderline cholesterol levels detected last year followed by repeated bouts of sore throat worsened by a thyroid issue, I became a little more conscious of my eating habits. Still, I couldn’t give up my favourite Toblerone or crunchy murukkus. What is the purpose of a meal if it doesn’t have an appalam on it? The weighing scale, which had reached a balance all these years, started tipping again. My metabolism had crashed, and my weight was increasing in geometric proportion.

Supple Body

I have always exercised whenever I could. If there was a meeting, a narration with a production house or an open house at school, I cancelled my exercise session. I was too busy that day to exercise. This did not affect me much. My weight remained the same. If I hadn’t exercised for a couple of weeks, my muscles groaned when I started it again but it did not affect me much.

Things had changed now. Sitting in one position for a long time, either typing on the laptop or scribbling into a notebook, made me so stiff that I had to be helped out of the chair. A couple of months ago, the pain in my back grew so severe that I had to hold on to the wall to even walk around the house. I hate medicines but I had no other option except popping pills to get me back to normalcy.

Peaceful Mind

My unhealthy habits weren’t confined to only eating and exercise but it had also extended to my utter disregard for my mental health. I love prayer and meditation. Meditating in front of my favourite god for a few minutes every morning and evening was a habit that I had developed in my teenage years.

As years rolled by, work became worship. Still, with the help of the Headspace App, I continued to maintain a regular meditation routine. Personally, I do not get hassled with the small things of life. I try to ignore draining people and troubling situations as much as possible. However, sometimes, we are given a nasty hand by life.

After an extremely pressurized work situation in the months of March, April and May, I was looking forward to some peaceful vacations in June. Just then, a medical emergency threw me off balance and the pressure of dealing with it continued for a couple of months. Finally, in August, my health gave way to the stress of the previous six months. I came down with head-splitting migraines that travelled down my nerves and affected my ears too. Once again, I was stuffed with medicines and injections that left me groggy and irritated most days.

Change – one at a time!

Amidst all this, I came across a few things that changed my perspective to my health. Let me introduce you to these small changes, one at a time.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Being an affiliate with Ultimate Bundles, I got early access to this bundle and I bought it immediately knowing fully well that it was time to make some important changes to my lifestyle. With 47 eBooks, 32 ecourses, audios & workshops, 10 printable packs & workbooks, and 2 summits, the bundle was overwhelming.

The Bundle has 91 products, worth $3,108.45, and it costs just $37 for the full bundle.

Once I bought the bundle, I downloaded all the resources, accessed the e-courses and then made a list of all that could be useful to me at present. Here are some of my favourite resources that I am using currently in the bundle:

  • Pilates for Back Pain by Lynda Lippin (eCourse)

This course, which contains guided pilates exercises along with explanations is gold. This one course which sells for $97 individually is itself a bargain when you consider the $37 that this entire bundle costs.

  • Healthy Home Planner: 2020 Digital Version by Teresa Jungling (Printable)

I am a sucker for printables. I loved this collection that came with weekly and monthly motivational quotes, checklists, cheat sheets, resources, and a gratitude log.

  • Healthy Moving Neck & Shoulder Bundle: Exercises to Ease Upper Body Tension by Jen Hoffman (eCourse)

This is another ignored part of the body that troubles most writers.

  • Kitchen Spices for Whole Body Health: Recipes & Remedies from Your Kitchen Apothecary by Heidi Villegas (eBook)

This collection of 32 recipes and home remedies are derived from spices in your own kitchen. For people like me who hate medicines, this is a blessing.

  • Stress Mastery System by Dr Heidi Hanna (eCourse)

I’m beginning this course today and I’m excited to see whether it helps me.

  • Mindfulness for the Chronic Life: How Mindfulness and Meditation Can Help Manage Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, Anxiety and Overwhelm by Melissa Reynolds (eCourse)

I started this year with the hope that I lead a more mindful life, but I have not been very successful. Mindfulness is not a destination. It is a process and a decision that affects our lives every day. With that hope, I’m going to be starting this course soon.

  • Intermittent Fasting: A Beginner’s Guide by Jess Williams (eBook)

Intermittent Fasting seems to be quite the rage nowadays and I’ve wanted to check out the process and see whether it suits me. So, I’ve downloaded this ebook to my kindle. It is next on my TBR list.

  • Health and Fitness Planner by Amy Babin (Printable)

As I said, I’m a sucker for the words ‘planner’ and ‘printable’. 😊

I’ve only given you a list of eight resources that I’ve currently checked out in the bundle. The bundle contains 83 more products that cover a range of topics right from exercise to keto recipes, healthy eating for children to food allergies, from contraception to menopause and from essential oils to Paleo snacks.

Not all these resources might be helpful or useful at the same time. However, having access to them means that you can use whatever you need whenever you want. At $37 for the entire bundle, it is a steal. I will leave my Affiliate link here in case you want to check it out.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

While I received useful resources from the Ultimate Healthy Living bundle, it was the book, Atomic Habits, that instilled the habit of using those resources and creating a healthy habit a part of my lifestyle. This book deserves an entire blogpost and I’ll make up a post on that soon.

Meanwhile, writers, don’t be like me. Writing, though sedentary, demands a lot of our energy and attention. If you don’t care for your heath and well-being, it will affect your writing in more ways than one. We can sit and write only because:

  • Our back supports us to sit,
  • Our mind supplies focus,
  • Our brain sends ideas and
  • Our energy lets us pen them down.

Let us learn to respect the process and care for our health.




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Welcome! I write for adults and children. More importantly, I love to write for writers. This is where I share everything I know about this mysterious process of writing.

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