August 14

Books that Inspire to Write More and Write Better

I’m often asked what are my favourite books on writing. There are not just one or two that I could name easily. Reading dozens and dozens of books on writing have made me the writer that I am. So, I decided to do a series of nine blog posts where I share my favourite books on writing. This one is the first in the series. Here, I talk about books that motivate and inspire me to write more and write better.

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What are your favourite books on writing? Please share them in the comments below. If you want an easily accessible list of the books that I mention in this video, here is the list:

  1. Becoming a Writer – Dorothea Brande
  2. Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
  3. Zen in the Art of Writing – Ray Bradbury
  4. On Writing – Stephen King
  5. Deep Work – Cal Newport
  6. On Writing – Ernest Hemingway
  7. A Room of One’s Own – Virginia Woolf
  8. Bird by Bird – Anne Lamott
  9. Writing down the Bones – Natalie Goldberg
  10. The Creative Habit – Twyla Tharp
  11. The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron
  12. Letters to a Young Poet – Rainer Maria Rilke
  13. Make Good Art – Neil Gaiman  


About the author

Welcome! I write for adults and children. More importantly, I love to write for writers. This is where I share everything I know about this mysterious process of writing.

Archana Sarat

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  1. I write Christian Historical Romance and I have found the following books helpful:
    Think, Write, Publish by Benjamin Chapin, T.K. Chapin
    Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes

    1. I’ve heard a lot about ‘Romancing the Beat’ and I think I own a kindle copy of it. Thank you for these suggestions, Anneliese. 🙂

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