August 20

Books that Help to Plot Novels

Plotting is the most important factor that makes or breaks a story. ‘Gone Girl‘ wouldn’t be, as gripping as it was, if we had known the wife’s motives in the beginning. Think of your favourite stories, right from Harry Potter and Star Trek to Sharp Objects and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society,  those stories caught your imagination and churned your heart only because the authors knew how best to narrate them.

Here is the video of my favourite books on plotting:

There are many books that teach one how to plot the scenes and structure a novel. However, to avoid duplicity in the videos, I’ve included only those books about which I don’t speak elsewhere in any of the other videos. However, I am including an entire list of all the best resources on plotting here:

  1. The Hero with a 1000 Faces – Joseph Campbell
  2. Save the Cat – Snyder
  3. Story Engineering – Larry Brooks
  4. Story – Robert McKee
  5. Write Your Novel from the Middle – James Scott Bell


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