August 31

Books that Help Boost Writing Productivity

Writing more and gaining the tag of a ‘prolific writer’ is a long cherished dream for many writers. With the advent of self-publishing, gone are the days when a writer had to wait for a publisher’s schedule to clear up. Many popular self-published writers bring out a book or two every month. While I do not have such impossible dreams, I do look out for ideas and tips to boost my writing productivity. Some of the books that I came across on this topic are shown in this video below:

The books that are mentioned in this video are:

  1. 2000 to 10000 – Rachel Aaron
  2. 5000 Words per Hour – Chris Fox
  3. Lifelong Writing Habit – Chris Fox
  4. Writing Mastery – Jessica Brody (Udemy Course)



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Welcome! I write for adults and children. More importantly, I love to write for writers. This is where I share everything I know about this mysterious process of writing.

Archana Sarat

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